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What to expect when you arrive to study at Saint James

March 14, 2011
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Once prospective students have done their research and decided that Saint James is the Medical School for them, the next thing they want to know is, ‘What’s it really like to study at St James?' We’d like to hand the baton over to some students of the school to tell it in their own words.  Some of our students have taken the time to write blogs of their own while studying here and these are great sources of useful information on how to prepare for your arrival at the school, what it’s like to study at the school, and the lifestyle in Bonaire and Anguilla. Studying in Bonaire The MD Odyssey is a joint blog written by husband & wife team Devon & Heidi. Heidi has written a long and information packed post on what to expect when you move to Bonaire, and the whole blog is a wealth of useful tips and fun stories about island life. The mysteriously named Lurking Shadow has a blog entitled Life of a Medical Student and has a number of handy posts about what to bring to the School, finding a place to live and more besides. Medical School Memoirs by imgstudent has a detailed guide to preparing to attend the Bonaire faculty of Saint James School of Medicine. Studying in Anguilla The Bonaire faculty of Saint James School of Medicine has been around for over 10 years and more students have written about their experiences there. We’re not yet aware of any blogs written by students at the Anguilla faculty, but please let us know if you know a good one. Other good places to go for background on living and studying in Anguilla are the official Anguilla Tourist Board website, The Government of Anguilla’s website and of course the weekly local paper, The Anguillan. The Lonely Planet has a short guide to the Island. For a more personal take on the island, try the Anguilla Blog a guide to beaches, villas, places to eat and things happening on the island written by some US expats and the idiosyncratic Udder Chaos,  stories of life in Anguilla by a Swiss woman, who moved to the island from the US with her four children. If you’d like to see some great footage of the island (and you can handle gruesome reality TV) a recent episode of the Bachelor was filmed on Anguilla and plenty of clips have been uploaded to YouTube. And for the practical nitty gritty of getting cleared to study on the island, our own website for the Anguilla faculty offers extensive guidance on immigration. Do let us know if you know of any more good information out there, or any interesting blogs written by people studying on either island.
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