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Dr Devang Gujarathi

June 08, 2011
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This is the third in our series of interviews with graduates of Saint James School of Medicine. Today we talk with Dr Devang Gujarathi Dr Devang Gujarathi graduated from Saint James School of medicine in 2010. He is currently a rising second year internal medicine resident in Chicago, planning to pursue a fellowship in Critical Care medicine next year. Dr Gujarathi says, “I was several years out of undergrad and working full time, when I decided to pursue medicine.  I failed to obtain a position at a US medical school and so considered my other options. I looked at a number of offshore schools, both in the Caribbean and elsewhere. I compared and considered the schools’ resources, their locations, and their cost, as well as the placement and availability of their rotations and I settled on Saint James.” “My first impression after arriving on the island was utter surprise at how basic the School school looked.  In retrospect, I think this was most likely due to my having become accustomed to the extensive resources and appearance of large universities in the US.  I now know that despite its unassuming appearance, Saint James has everything any medical student needs to succeed.” Prospective students often write to Dr Gujarathi to find out about Saint James, and the one piece of advice he stresses most is that they should avoid falling into the slacker mentality rather unfortunately associated with being a Caribbean medical student! He says, “The culture at the School varies considerably with the make-up of each class, but for the most part, this culture really does not play much of a role in the success or failure of individual students.  In the end each student’s success is entirely dependent on their individual mindset.  In short, if you are willing to put time and effort into your studies, you will succeed.” He says that the School’s key strength lies in the quality of its clinical rotations. “Clinical rotations are fantastic through Saint James.  The School has sites in large metropolitan centers in the US, and I was able to complete all my rotations in Chicago just as I wanted.”
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