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A fruitful new partnership for Saint James

September 01, 2011
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Saint James School of Medicine and the Anguilla Community College will be working together closely in future. The Community College is making land available to Saint James Anguilla, which will be used to build new facilities for our rapidly expanding student body. The Memorandum of Understanding for the use of the land is being finalized, but as part of this agreement Saint James Anguilla will run classes for Community College students to study the basic sciences. This partnership will have benefits for the School of Medicine, the Community College and for the people of Anguilla. The population of Anguilla is expanding and correspondingly the medical requirements of the Anguillan people are growing. Professor Delroy Loudon, head of the Anguilla Community College, is excited about the opportunities this agreement opens up for his students, not only in medicine, but also in genetics, bio-chemical and biological sciences. Dr Kallol Guha, founder, President and CEO of Saint James School of Medicine, is equally enthused about the opportunities this partnership offers the School to expand its research programmes. He believes the Community College has significant expertise in areas of research the School would like to explore. The Anguillian Newspaper published a detailed article on the proposed partnership on August 19.
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