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Common concerns our prospective students discuss with us

November 21, 2011
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Concern 1: MCATS We speak with people who dream of being doctors every day. Becoming a physician is a complex process that involves a significant commitment of time, energy and finances. It’s not an easy decision and prospective students have a lot of questions before they choose a medical school. This is the first in a series of blog posts in which we share some of the key concerns we discuss with our potential students. These questions come up over and over again, and we thought some of you might find it useful to see the answers we give. Q: I have not taken my MCATs. Will I be able to attend Saint James School of Medicine? A: Saint James does not automatically require the MCATs. We believe it takes more than an exam to determine whether an applicant will make it in the world of medicine. Therefore we consider a number of factors such as your undergraduate GPA, any volunteer work and/or work experience you have undertaken, your letters of recommendation, your personal essay, how you present your goals in your interview and other influencing factors that have motivated you to become a medical student. If you are truly motivated to become a doctor and your undergraduate career and life choices reflect that vocation, we believe that with hard work and study you can realize your dream and Saint James will give you the opportunity to do so.
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