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Common concerns our prospective students discuss with us

November 28, 2011
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Concern 2: Uneven grades This is the second in a series of blog posts in which we share some of the key concerns we discuss with our potential students. Q: My grades were not the best. Can I forget about getting into medical school? A: Saint James School of Medicine believes that every committed, capable student deserves a chance to study medicine. Excellence is not innate, but the result of hard study and practice. Saint James believes in creating excellence. Our mission is to help motivated students realize the dream of a medical career regardless of their personal backgrounds. The key words here are committed and motivated. We have seen students with excellent academic records fail at their medical studies, because they were unprepared for the intense study and discipline required to become a qualified physician. Whatever medical school you choose to attend, you can be sure of one thing. You will only succeed if you are willing to study harder than you have ever studied before. So if you believe your grades are not indicative of your true potential tell us about it in your personal essay, and interview, and send us as much information as you can such as strong letters of recommendation, proof of volunteer work, work experience, awards, extra-curricular activities etc. that demonstrate your capabilities.
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