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Affordable medical school fees can accelerate your future in medicine

February 27, 2012
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The Association of American Medical Colleges calculated the median annual tuition fee for an American medical School in 2010-2011 as $28,685 at a public institution and $46,899 at a private institution. This fee did not include other costs associated with studying medicine, such as lab fees, text books etc, so in 2010-2011 the median total annual cost of attendance at an American medical school, including associated costs, was $49,298 and $66,984 for public and private universities, respectively. That’s just one year of medical tuition and associated costs. In 2010 the median debt of a newly qualified MD at graduation was calculated as $150,000 at public institutions, $180,000 at private institutions. Contrast this with the estimated cost of undertaking the entire MD Program at Saint James School of Medicine of $76,100-$86,300, depending on whether you study Basic Sciences at the Bonaire or the Anguilla school. Simply put, choosing to study at Saint James will mean you incur costs almost half those you would studying medicine in the US. Graduating from medical school with a manageable student debt frees you to pursue a career inspired by your love of medicine, rather than feeling compelled to seek a high salary to pay off even higher study debts. Saint James School of Medicine offers some of the lowest fees in the Caribbean. We believe a high quality medical education should be accessible to everyone with the ability and the commitment to succeed in medicine, so we keep our fees as affordable as possible. A leading accredited Caribbean medical school, Saint James offers premedical and MD Programs. Our graduates are eligible to become a doctor in the United States or Canada. We do not require the MCAT. After four semesters studying Basic Sciences at one of our beautiful Caribbean schools; our medical students do their USMLE prep and clinical rotations in US hospitals alongside students from some of America’s best medical schools, at a fraction of the cost.
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