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Grow a lifelong passion for medicine

April 11, 2012
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Saint James School of Medicine graduate, Dr Kristina Schmidt says that she loves the art and science of medicine. Most of all, she enjoy the individual challenge of each patient, integrating a patient’s clinical complaints with diagnostic tests to assign a diagnosis and develop a personalized plan for their recovery. Saint James School of Medicine offers an accessible route into medicine. If you have the discipline and the commitment required to succeed as a medical student, Saint James offers you an affordable way to realise your dreams. Shirsha Guha, Registrar at Saint James School of Medicine told me of several visits she made recently to hospitals in the US, where the shortage of primary care doctors was mentioned as a significant concern. 95% of Caribbean medical graduates go into primary care, so schools like Saint James are doing an incredibly valuable service to the United States in filling this crucial skill gap. Not all our graduates go into primary care. Saint James graduate Dr David Klein has some inspiring words for all aspiring doctors. “I’d like to tell students that your interests may evolve as you go through your medical training—keep an open mind!  You may find that you hate or can’t relate to many of your rotations, or love a rotation that you never thought you would.  When I first started clerkships I thought I wanted to practice family medicine clinically. I now find myself gravitating towards public health, preventative medicine and education. One of the most incredible aspects of having ‘M.D.’ after your name is that it empowers you with the flexibility to do anything (teach, practice clinically, open a business, work for an NGO, author books, become a researcher or public health advocate)—you, in essence, become recession proof!   With discipline and perseverance you will successfully jump through the many hoops ahead of you and enjoy an incredibly rewarding calling.  I wish you the best of luck on your journey!”
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