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Five more reasons why Saint James School of Medicine is worth a look

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Students come to Saint James School of Medicine because we offer a high quality medical education at a reasonable cost. It’s widely known that the number of students applying to medical school in the US and Canada greatly exceeds the number of places available. Academic excellence no longer guarantees a slot. We offer these smart American and Canadian students the chance to become doctors. The majority of our students eventually return to the States or Canada to practice. However, that’s not the whole story. There are a number of Caribbean medical schools, so why is Saint James worth a look? After all we’re not one of the most established Caribbean schools, or the biggest…but we are one of the fastest growing and that’s because we are committed to becoming one of the best schools in the Caribbean. So here are five more reasons why you might like to give Saint James a second look. 1.       Small class sizes and quality teaching Our small class sizes and a low student to teacher ratio means our students have access to one on one attention, mentoring and coaching. Our teachers have experience teaching in medical schools worldwide, and have chosen to live and teach in the Caribbean because of the lifestyle and research opportunities it offers. English is our primary teaching language. 2.       Three chances to enroll every year We have three student intakes for our MD Program a year, in September, January and May. This gives you more flexibility, takes the pressure off the application process, and gives you the opportunity to start your studies when it suits you. 3.       A rounded medical education Studying in a different culture can reap many befits for student doctors. It can challenge their assumptions, expose them to new ideas and expand their learning opportunities. Interacting with different people and different cultures gives doctors greater confidence in communicating with people, whatever their background. Saint James has a widely diverse student body, a multi-national faculty, and a close knit multi -cultural environment. Community outreach events like our annual Health Fair in Bonaire offer our students the opportunity to experience what it is like to practice in the local community. 4.       Clinical rotations alongside students from top US medical schools (at a fraction of the cost) The caliber of the Clinical rotations offered by Saint James is widely acknowledged as being excellent. After four semesters studying Basic Sciences at one of our beautiful Caribbean schools; our MD Program medical students do their USMLE prep and clinical rotations in US hospitals. Our students rotate alongside students from top American medical schools. Saint James has an established and growing program of medical residencies and strong ongoing relationships with a number of hospitals in the US. Our last round of residency matches saw our students securing placements in some of the most competitive programs in the United States including Yale, Louisiana State University and Mercy Hospital, Chicago. 5.       Investing in new facilities and new opportunities Saint James started small and we’re the first to admit that when we got started our facilities were pretty basic. However our teaching has always been world class, and with our growing success we are able to invest more money into our facilities to ensure that they match the caliber of our teaching, are modern and equipped to high standards. Saint James Anguilla occupies a purpose built school, which is only a few years old. Student numbers in Anguilla are growing so fast that the School is already expanding its Anguillan school. The School has partnered with the Anguilla Community College, which  is making land available to Saint James Anguilla, which will be used to build new facilities for our rapidly expanding student body. The School is also excited about the opportunities this partnership offers the School to expand its research programmes. Saint James Bonaire is shortly to open a brand new school extension. This will be in use for the Fall semester 2012. More on this new extension coming very soon!
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