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Is studying medicine in the Caribbean an easy ride?

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Surround yourself with the beauty of the Caribbean, while getting a world class medical education. Does it sound too good to true? If the first sentence of this post conjures up images of lazy days spent on golden beaches, followed by Caribbean nights full of fun and the odd bit of study thrown in, then yes, we are afraid you are doomed to be disappointed. Just as at any medical school, you will need to study long and hard. You will only succeed in your medical education if you put in the effort, and that holds true for every medical school, from the oldest Ivy League institutions to brand new schools like Saint James Anguilla. It is a sad truth that some students come to Caribbean medical Schools ill prepared for the work they need to do to succeed and their results demonstrate this lack of commitment. But every medical school has its fair share of students that fail to make the cut. The many students from Saint James School of Medicine that do become successful doctors would probably agree with the advice given by some of our graduates. Prospective students often write to Dr Devang Gujarathi to find out about Saint James, and the one piece of advice he stresses most is that they should avoid falling into the slacker mentality rather unfortunately associated with being a Caribbean medical student! He says, “In the end each student’s success is entirely dependent on their individual mindset.  In short, if you are willing to put time and effort into your studies, you will succeed.” Dr David Klein says “From an academic standpoint there is no better environment to remove distractions. Bonaire is pleasant and quiet and very conducive to study.” Dr Kristina Schmidt says, “I studied hard. And if I was giving advice to a new student about to start out at Saint James, I would say, be flexible, study hard, and then study harder! One of the main benefits of the quiet island life is there isn’t a great deal to do but study. And it’s a hard life studying on the beach at Divi Divi on the weekends!” Doctor Nisha Patel wrote “It might sound tough, but you are not at medical school to make friends. You are there to study and get your medical degree. Don't get caught up in distractions.  If you don't pass, you have no one to blame but yourself.  I definitely missed being home in Chicago with my family and friends; however, being in Bonaire gave me ample free time away from distractions to study my basic sciences.” At Saint James School of Medicine we are constantly inspired and moved by the commitment our students show to their dream of becoming a doctor and the journey they have taken to study with us. We’d like to thoroughly debunk the myth that a Caribbean medical education is an easy option. We take your medical education and your future career as a doctor seriously. We expect our students to do the same.
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