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Accelerate your future in medicine with our affordable MD Program

September 06, 2012
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At Saint James School of Medicine our Doctor of Medicine (MD) program is a 10 semester program covering the Basic Sciences and the Clinical Sciences. Study Basic Sciences in the Caribbean Medical students spend four semesters (16 months) studying Basic Sciences at one of our Caribbean schools in Anguilla or Bonaire. For more information on our Basic Science curriculum click here for Anguilla or here for Bonaire. Our island schools are small and close knit and the intensive study the students undertake together creates strong friendships. Students regularly remark on the supportive culture at the School. Our teachers are approachable and always willing to help students who have questions or need one on one help and they provide comprehensive notes and slides from their classes to help students with their study. It’s important to note that the Basic Science component of the MD Program is challenging and the students that succeed are those who are motivated and work hard. You will get the most out of your classes if you study the material in advance and come prepared with questions that you need answered. When we ask our students and graduates and students what piece of advice they would give new students, their most common response is summed up concisely by graduate Dr Nisha Patel, who says, “Studying to become an MD is not easy. Be prepared for that. If it was easy, everyone would do it.” USMLE prep and clinicals in US Hospitals The Clinical Sciences component of our MD Program is completed over six semesters (96 weeks) at affiliated hospitals and clinical facilities in the US. Saint James guarantees clinical rotations in the United States and currently we have no waiting time for rotations. We have a strong established network of US hospitals and clinical institutions and constantly invest in growing these affiliations. The first part of Clinical Sciences is an Advanced Introduction to Clinical Medicine. This takes place in Chicago at an affiliated hospital and consists of eight weeks of intensive preparation and review for the USMLE Step 1, followed by eight weeks of introductory concepts in clinical medicine, including rotations through various departments. Gain the skills you need for your residency Clinical Sciences prepare our medical students to function effectively in a clinical setting. Students participate in patient care while rotating through various medical specialties in the hospitals. Training includes physical examination, laboratory analysis, case presentations, clinical workshops and conferences. The student receives personalized guidance from the clinical faculty and develops skills and knowledge for their residency. Saint James School of Medicine graduates are eligible to become doctors in the United States or Canada. Clinical training at Saint James is divided into 48 weeks of core clerkships and 48 weeks of elective rotations. For more information on our Clinical Science curriculum click here. MD Program enrollment dates We accept students into our MD Program three times a year, in January, May and September.  The enrollments for 2013 are:
Spring 2013
Enrollment deadline Friday November 30
Registration and Reception Tuesday, January 08
First Day of Classes Wednesday, January 09
Summer 2013
Enrollment deadline Friday, March 29
Registration and Reception Tuesday, May 07
First Day of Classes Wednesday, May 08
Fall 2013
Enrollment deadline Friday, July 26
Registration and Reception Monday, September 2
First Day of Classes Tuesday, September 3
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