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Packing to study the Basic Sciences in Anguilla or Bonaire

January 08, 2013
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With three enrollments a year and two Caribbean island schools, one of the most common questions the Saint James School of Medicine Admissions team are asked is, “What should I pack when I travel to study the Basic Sciences in the Caribbean?” Advice from the School
  • Pack light! It’s difficult to travel with multiple bags, and if this is your first time going to the islands you’ll want to keep it simple. Unfortunately the smaller connecting flights between islands are notorious for delays and cancelations!
  • Medications. Stock up as medications cost more on the islands and are harder to find. Usually we recommend students bring at least a four month (semester) supply.
  • Your books especially the MD1 books for new starters.
  • Lab coats/dissection kits (we have a good basic package available in our store )
  • Some light sweaters. The islands are hot, but it gets cold in the anatomy cadaver labs and classrooms
  • Laptops-with plenty of space/External hard drive
And please note…
  • Don’t bring any foods or beverages. The islands have strict customs policies.
  • Expensive items will be taxed by customs unless they have been taken out of the original manufacturer’s packaging.
Advice from students Some of our students have taken the time to write blogs of their own while studying here and these are great sources of useful information on how to prepare for your arrival at the School, what it’s like to study at Saint James and the lifestyle in the Caribbean. The blog entitled Life of a Medical student has a number of handy posts about what to pack, finding a place to live in Bonaire and more besides. The Medical School Memoirs blog has a number of blog posts collated in a guide to Saint James including a guide to packing for Bonaire. If you have any questions about packing for your stay in the Caribbean, our Admissions team will be delighted to help out. Please email us at or call us at 800-542-1553.
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