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The AAPI Convention

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Thanks to everyone who visited our exhibit at the AAPI Convention this weekend. The Indian medical community makes such a huge contribution to health care in the US and the AAPI does plays a very important role in national health care issues. The importance of the AAPI is clear and even attracted Dick Durbin, the senior US Senator from Illinois, who visited the show. Chicago is our home town (we are justifiably proud of this great city), so it was great to see so many out-out-towners here enjoying all Chicago has to offer. The Sheraton location by the river in the heart of the city is hard to beat. We had lots of questions about the Saint James School of Medicine and our MD Program. Many questions were around cost ($5,500 per semester in Bonaire) and time on the islands (we offer a 16 month accelerated program). And to the many of you aspiring (and impatient) doctors who asked….no it’s not too late to enroll for fall! But don’t delay, time is ticking. Apply now and start your dream:
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