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Three Tips to Distinguish Yourself When Applying to Medical School

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As admission to medical school becomes increasingly more competitive, It is important to stand out from the rest of the applicant pool. Admissions departments are looking for more than just high test scores and an impressive GPA. While these scores are still extremely important, it paramount to distinguish yourself as a well rounded individual capable of excelling in different environments. Here are three tips to set yourself apart from the rest of your competing applicants.

Maintain a High Level of Professionalism Admissions committees are looking for candidates that not only excel in an academic environment, but additionally individuals with outstanding character. Seemingly small actions like turning in your application early are considered by admissions directors to be a sign of organization and being well prepared. Both actions are crucial to being successful in the field of medicine. Additionally, show up to your interview early and treat all persons you encounter with courtesy and respect, as this demonstrates how you will interact with your respective colleagues later as a physician. Research Experience Be sure to capitalize on scientific research opportunities to give yourself another advantage. Admissions committees conclude from a resume with research work that the student is not only curious, but willing to go the extra mile to discover more about their field of study. Given a situation where two students have identical test scores, a resume heavy in research experience will likely give you the upper hand. Shadow a Physician Experience gained through shadowing a physician shows that you understand the process of day to day challenges and routines in the medical field. This increases your ability to discuss real situations during the interview process and provides the opportunity to showcase your problem solving abilities. Similar to research experience, shadowing a physician shows a higher level of commitment to diversifying your knowledge of the field of medicine.
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