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Day in the Life Series: Anesthesiologist

November 17, 2014
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During the Saint James School of Medicine Day in the Life series, our three schools will be taking an inside look at the routine, challenges, insights and rewarding moments of many different medical career paths. Putting our students and readers in the shoes of new and seasoned practitioners alike will allow them to more deeply understand just what is involved in each occupation. Our first behind-the-scenes look of the series, a Day in the Life of a Residency Doctor, can be found here. Below, see an overview of a young doctor’s life in anesthesia. At Saint James, a number of our courses prepare our student body for residency in anesthesiology. Physiology in Semester 2 focuses on developing an understanding of normal functions of the human body, enabling students to recognize and deal with pathological conditions. In Semester 3, the 10-credit Pharmacology class prepares the students for the clinical study of therapeutics by providing knowledge of the manner in which drugs modify biological functions. Take a look how these different fields all come together in a clip furnished by Stanford University. [embed][/embed]
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