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Day in the Life Series: Medical Students

December 10, 2014
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In this video, we go behind the scenes to learn about five future physicians and what motivates them to pursue a medical degree. We also explore what the most influential experience in their medical career has been thus far. Perhaps you’ve always known that you’ve wanted to become a doctor, while others are searching for a career that offers a challenge with purpose to make a difference in the lives of others. Whatever your reason is for considering a path in medicine, only you can make this life changing decision. Nicole Gallagher (2nd year medical student): “I’ve always been interested in the sciences…. I realized that the intellectual stimulation as well as the patient-physician relationship got me really interested in the subject and started to go down the medical route.” Jessie Tam (3rd year medical student): “At a young age, I was surrounded by medicine, so those have strong influence at my decision at a young age. My father was a family practice physician, and my mother was a nurse.  Learning more about the nature of the work, the intellectual challenges and the many different options that one can take a career in medicine, different fields, different specialties… that is what got me into medicine.” [embed][/embed]
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