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St. Vincent Medical Student Highlight: Asim Abbasi

December 16, 2014
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At the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Saint James School of Medicine school, we are truly thankful to have such a bright and vibrant student body. Our students come from across the globe in the pursuit of a quality, affordable medical education and have the drive and charisma to exceed even their own expectations. Before our 2014 incoming classes began their first day of courses, we sat down with a number of them to get a gauge of their thoughts, feelings and goals regarding the next big step in their educational path. Today, meet Asim Abbasi!
Saint James St Vincent Student Asim Abbasi Interview What inspired you to become a physician? What inspired me to become a physician is that since a young age I have been utterly fascinated by the human body. Everything about the human body is intriguing and just beautiful. It really is breathtaking and I could not be satisfied with my life if I did not learn as much as I can about our bodies work. As well as this, I want to continue my learning throughout the entirety of my career, because learning is something I love to do; as a doctor, I will be able to do this – it will be required of me to keep up-to-date with new techniques, drugs, equipment, research and recommended treatment. Why did you choose Saint James School of Medicine? I chose SJSM because of the low tuition fees compared to other medical schools in the Caribbean. I applied to the school of medicine to get out of my comfort zone and experience living in a country where I did not know anyone, as this process helps a person mature in many different ways. Another reason is that Saint James’ accreditation is also approved by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education & Research (FAIMER), and is listed in its International Medical Education Directory (IMED). Clinical rotations in Chicago are an added bonus of going to SJSM. What influenced your decision on which school to attend? The reason I chose to attend the St. Vincent school was that the number of students per class was smaller compared to Anguilla and Bonaire. St. Vincent is also the largest of the three islands, which makes it feel like you are living in a big community rather than a remote island. St. Vincent is also the newest of the three schools. How are you feeling in these last few weeks before you start? Feelings are all over the place. Leaving a country like Canada–where comfort and luxury are basic means for everyone–to an island is definitely an intimidating task. I am very anxious to start medical school though and go through this awesome life experience. SJSM faculty and staff have made the transition/immigration process much easier then expected. I’m super excited to move to the island and starting medical school at an accredited school of medicine. Do you have any tips for future incoming students who will soon be in your situation? If becoming a physician is your primary goal, SJSM will get you there at the lowest of costs and make the transition easy and unnerving. All the document specialists have been very supportive and kind. What are you looking forward to in your first semester? I’m looking forward to learning anatomy and embryology. Also, making new friendships/relationships that will last a lifetime.
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