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St. Vincent Medical Student Highlight: Peter Haftkowycz

December 30, 2014
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At the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Saint James School of Medicine school, we are truly thankful to have such a bright and vibrant student body. Our students come from across the globe in the pursuit of a quality, affordable medical education and have the drive and charisma to exceed even their own expectations. Before our 2014 incoming classes began their first day of courses, we sat down with a number of them to get a gauge of their thoughts, feelings and goals regarding the next big step in their educational path. Today, meet Peter Haftkowycz!
Peter Haftkowycz Photo What inspired you to become a physician? After witnessing my mother battle leukemia for nearly four years before her passing, I was inspired by the physicians around her that were able to keep her calm with their knowledge of the possibilities of success even into her last hours. I was convinced that I too wanted to be able to have the same calming, enlightening effect on my future patients. Why did you choose Saint James School of Medicine? I was recently hit with the travel bug and found that living in an entirely new part of the world during my Basic Sciences would be an unforgettable yet motivating experience. What better way to do it? What influenced your decision on which school to attend? I was intrigued by the idea of attending the newest school location. I have always been interested in being the pilot force of nuances and being one of the first classes to go through St. Vincent I’m sure we’ll all leave a lasting impression there. How are you feeling in these last few weeks before you start? A slight bit of anxiety, but it’s more of just waiting for my flight to come around. I am more excited than I can express or even type down in this questionnaire. Some great and challenging things are going to be happening in my near future. Do you have any tips for future incoming students who will soon be in your situation? Get all of your paperwork, immigration, housing and finances figured out well in advance of the scheduled due date. Having everything set, purchased and finalized will relieve a lot of stress in the months leading up to first day of classes so you can focus on just psyching yourself up for a rigorous schedule. What are you looking forwards to in your first semester? I’m very excited for gross anatomy and ethics. I find the human body to be one of the most fascinating and complex machines ever to be devised. Also, having been a philosophy major, I am quite curious on certain topics as to what is the MORAL way for a physician to approach certain potential situations I may encounter in my future career. Anything else you’d like to add? Life’s about adventure. You’ve got to work hard to make it in this world, but also find the excitement in whatever it is you are doing.
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