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Coronary Heart Disease: Recognizing Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

February 18, 2015
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As we continue to raise awareness for American Heart Month, it’s important to understand what Coronary Heart Disease is, how to recognize symptoms, and understand diagnosis and specific treatment. Heart Disease continues to be the number one disease in Americans. Symptoms for Coronary Heart disease can vary, especially among women, older individuals, and those with diabetes. This issue typically develops when there is plaque in the coronary arteries—the major vessels that bring blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart—or if there is inflammation in these areas. It’s critical to seek a physician’s advise if you experience shortness of breath, pain the chest area or unusual pain in other commonly overlooked areas such as your arm (most overlooked). Please take a moment to watch this medical video on Coronary Heart Disease and learn what symptoms you should recognize to determine who needs immediate medical attention and what course of action best suits those individuals.
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