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Day in the Life Series: Andrologist

February 16, 2015
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Andrology is the study of men’s health, primarily in the area of sexual dysfunction and infertility. (Source: Those who wish to pursue this specialty will be required to attend medical school, complete a four-year residency program and additional fellowship training if desired in order to gain further experience.A physician practicing in this field will diagnose and treat male patients with any of these reproductive issues that are causing sexual or hormonal disorders. Because sexual health can be a sensitive topic, andrologists must possess compassionate traits, as it’s often needed during office visits and the discoveries that can result ranging from erectile dysfunction to low sperm count, premature ejaculation, sexually transmitted disease and infertility. All of this is with the goal of being able to treat the patient soundly. In this Day in the Life Series, Dr. Werthman discusses his specialty of andrology and how to diagnose and treat male patients after an initial office consultation. Watch below!
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