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Conjoined Twins Undergo Complicated Separation Surgery

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Conjoined twins occur when a woman’s single egg doesn’t detach after fertilization and because of this, the embryo splits after a few months, but then the separation ceases and is incomplete, resulting in the twins being joined together anatomically. Conjoined twins are a rare form of identical twins because the same tissues and/or organs connect them. They may be joined by the upper part of the body, in which they usually share the same heart. They may be connected at the lower half of the body and joined by the liver or digestive organs or at the connected at head, which is the most rare of the three types. Deciding to separate conjoined twins is extremely complicated and a serious decision due to life-threatening complications. It takes a very special team of seasoned medical doctors and supporting personnel to perform such a risky surgery. Take a look at this fascinating video of conjoined twins that will undergo separation surgery, performed at Texas Children’s Hospital on ABC’s Nightline.
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