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Day in the Life Series: Psychiatrists

April 13, 2015
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In his inspiring and touching video, Dr. Daniel Fisher shares his personal story of how he became a psychiatrist. If you are considering a medical career in psychiatry, this is great opportunity to take a look into a day in the life. In order to practice as a psychiatrist, one must complete medical school and an additional four years of residency, training in psychiatry, and most candidates will take voluntary written and oral exams for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in order to become "board certified." Those who deign to see a psychiatrist may be dealing with a preexisting or newly developed mental illness that can range from hallucinations, anxiety disorders, panic attacks or a general sense of hopelessness, to extreme situations, such as suicidal thoughts. See the video below to learn how the field of psychiatry builds upon the tenets of all branches of psychology, and the vast number of symptoms and variables one considers when approaching a diagnosis. Click on this link to view video:  
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