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Day in the Life Series: Veterinarian

April 06, 2015
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Veterinarians have a critical role in animal wellness and healthcare, diagnosing and treating our furry friends. Within this field, there are many specialties that one can pursue, including parasitology and toxicology. Veterinarian clinics can range from general practice to surgery. In addition, there have been increasing trends in natural and alternative pet clinics and hospitals for those who prefer a natural and/or holistic approach to pet care. Pursuing a degree as a veterinarian will require a strong science background in high school, a four-year vet school and a residency program prior to practicing in clinic or hospital. A path toward becoming a veterinarian is very competitive with approximately 7,000 licensure applicants in 2013; however, less than 3,000 were accepted. If you are serious about considering a career in working with animals, take a glimpse and see what a day in the life of veterinarian is like with Dr. Kim Nietzel of Downtown Pet Hospital:
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