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Medical Education: Wearable Technology

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A new wave of wearable technology provides patients with instantaneous medical results allowing new insights into specific physical problems people may have, as well as particular disease categories. From correcting exaggerated and overworked back posture to understanding the actions of patients with autism, wearable technology allows doctors and patients alike the ability to store and share medical data that was previously unattainable. As a result, the doctor-patient relationship and dynamic are strengthened and research and examination can be conducted outside of visits to the doctor's office. Wearables have helped athletes, health enthusiasts, and fitness buffs 'play smarter and play safer,' combining digital technology with the physical presence of a person's internal and external influences. With a rise in concern for health and wellness across the nation, wearable technology will offer people the opportunity to actively engage in the preservation of their own medical well-being. Have a look at Episode 2 of Make it Wearable, and gain insight into one of the quickest developing medical trends!
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