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Medical Research: Celiac Awareness Month

May 28, 2015
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As Celiac Awareness Month enters its last week of 2015, people may find themselves asking questions surrounding this disease that affects nearly 1% of the world population. Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disease that interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food. Celiac disease can be found in both men and women, and may create a variety of symptoms ranging from pain and discomfort to malnutrition. However, recent research into stem cells located inside the intestine have led doctors to making significant strides in this medical field. Doctors and medical scientists have been able to detect certain genetic vulnerabilities people may have that increases their risk of developing symptoms, as well as environmental factors that may trigger the disease. Medical progression has shown celiac disease effects on children and how gluten-free products have helped to shape the lives of patients living with celiac disease. Learn more about the current research and the growing prevalence of diagnosed cases from Dr. Alessio Fasano, a pediatric GI specialist at the University of Maryland Hospital for Children and director of the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research.
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