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Doctor's Advice to Medical Students

June 12, 2015
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Earning your medical degree requires countless hours of studying, classwork, and hands-on experience. Medical students may often stress about upcoming exams and clinical practices while preparing to graduate and enter their professional careers. With the pressures of meeting medical standards, earning top grades, and entering a highly competitive field after schooling, doctors have offered insight and advice to help students relax, stay focused, and ultimately learn more during their years before residency. While some of these doctors wish they would have enjoyed their time in school more, others provide more general guidance to succeeding professionally. Developing interpersonal relationships, finding an inspiring mentor, and following your heart are just a few of the suggestions doctors have for medical students across the world. Take a look at what these successful practitioners had to say about their experiences, and note that this video provides some of doctor's biggest tips for students looking to graduate and find meaningful careers in medicine.
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