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Medical Education: HoloLens Advanced Technology

June 11, 2015
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At the Build Developer Conference in 2015, Microsoft revealed the latest uses of HoloLens technology. HoloLens has revolutionized the way that medical students are trained by bringing three-dimensional content into the real world with the use of holograms. In the past, students have only been able to study the body using cadavers, textbooks and medical illustrations. However, with the HoloLens, people are able to take a deeper look into the human anatomy and learn about specific parts of the body in an interactive setting. Animated systems and other programs available in the HoloLens can teach students the functions of certain organs, muscles, and joints. Even more, these HoloLens are redefining the student-teacher relationships by allowing professors to interpret exactly what a student is seeing. The technology provides an opportunity for students to ask questions and focus in on different organs that they wish to learn more about. HoloLens can easily enhance medical education, but the technology has significant purposes in developing other fields such as chemistry, architecture and art. Take a look at this CNET News special and check out what it looks like when a student wears HoloLens technology.
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