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Medical Spotlight: Developing Baby Fetus

June 30, 2015
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Have you ever wondered what a baby looks like during the early stages of development? For a growing baby embryo, work starts at the head and makes its way down forming four limbs by six and a half weeks.  The umbilical chord provides nutrients from the mother to the embryo. However, surprisingly five out of six embryos will not have survived up to eight weeks in the womb. At nine weeks, the embryo continues to gain millions of cells forming bones, lungs, organs, and a pumping heart. It is now considered a fetus. Fetus' that do survive to twelve weeks weigh a shocking 14 grams, roughly the weight of a one pound coin. Nevertheless, they can cause such commotion inside the body of the mother. Mash Medics provides viewers with an extraordinary look into the body and real footage of the developing fetus from the female uterus. Check out the video below, and witness the marvel of human development.
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