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Day in the Life Series: Pediatric Plastic Surgeon

July 23, 2015
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Plastic surgery is a relatively common procedure that reconstructs or repairs parts of the body by transferring other tissue. While it may often be viewed as a strictly cosmetic procedure, plastic surgery has incredible medical significance. Whether it is working to fix a cleft lip or palate or fixing burns, lumps, moles, and scars, pediatric plastic surgeons are a long way from the ethical discussion of the moral implications of such a surgery. Training, experience and long years of schooling help these surgeons become skilled in this practice. However, equally as important to their work during surgery, are their people and communication skills away from the operating table. Keeping children happy and establishing strong relationships with new and returning families is essential to understanding what exactly is required for each patient. While pediatric plastic surgery is not usually life saving, it can definitely be life changing, helping people look like their peers, gain confidence, and treat medical issues. Check out a day in the life of Dr. Cindy Verchere, Pediatric Plastic Surgeon at BC Children's Hospital and learn more about this rewarding field.
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