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Delivering a Dose without a Battle: Medicine for Children

July 23, 2015
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Getting children to take their medicine is no easy task for pediatricians and even parents. Kids have not fully developed a tolerant palate to their medication and often do not recognize that these remedies could be the solution to their uncomfortable sickness. Adults who can understand, relate, and adapt to these two common trends are more likely to succeed in trying to help treat children's illnesses. Smiling and open communication are essentials to delivering medication without a battle. A child who understands what is wrong and how this medicine will be able to help with their situation is more comfortable taking a foreign shot of liquid medicine or pill. One quick break from school, play or relaxation creates one less distraction for a kid's daily routine. However, taste may also play a huge role in why children refuse to take their medicine. How can this be combated? Cold temperatures can mask the often bitter taste, and simply pinching a child's nose can help block the flavor and smell of potent medicines. Quick and easy tips like these have helped doctors and parents alike keep their kids healthy and happy. Check out the FDA video below and learn some simple tricks that could save you time and hassle!
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