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Medical Insights: A New Wave of Medical Practice

July 16, 2015
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Technology is constantly evolving, and as a result, innovative medicine and new practices are being implemented into the medical field. Recent developments are leading to a new age of digital health care. Care that was once intermittent and reactive has shown a shift to continuous and proactive practices. With each new 'Fitbit' and 'Smartwatch' comes access to new exciting information. As consumers, we can now become the CEO of our own bodies. With the touch of our smartphones and the convenience of wearable technology, we are able to self diagnosis and motivate ourselves to a healthier lifestyle. We have taken past inventions like the mobile phone, GPS, and other resourceful tools and created our own use for this developed technology. It's not necessarily groundbreaking medical advancements that make all of this possible, but rather, incredible thinking and teamwork between field specialists. The digital age has afforded consumers the opportunity for continuous data. We can monitor every action our body takes, every intake and substance put into our body, as well as almost every other health and well-being detail. Telemedicine has made health care visits accessible with the tap of a button, and new apps are even sending doctors to the houses of users in need. Daniel Kraft believes that the best way to prepare for the future of medical advancements is to create it. Check out his TED Talk at TEDxBerlin, and understand his vision for the future of medicine!
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