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Medical Technology: The Value of Diagnostics

July 07, 2015
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Diagnostic research contributes to the treatment of patients and creates accurate solutions so laboratories can deliver relevant clinical information to doctors and other pathologists across the world. Sysmex America specializes in clinical hematology products that help in the diagnosis and treatment of hematological diseases, or diseases of the blood. Some of these diseases include anemia in chronic kidney disease, hemochromatosis, and sickle cell anemia. As members of the medical technology community, Bill Jones and Peggy Barranco are happily married and have a unique role in producing some of the innovative technology that has been shaping the previous decades of the medical field as well as the future of this essential industry. The video below explains the importance of diagnostics as it relates to medical advancements, diagnosis, and treatment and explains this team's unique perspective and role in the production of medical technology at Sysmex America.
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