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Saint James COO Shirsha Guha Identified as Top Changemaker in ‘India Today’ Magazine

July 21, 2015
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Saint James COO Shirsha Guha Identified as Top Changemaker in ‘India Today’ Magazine

Shirsha Guha Deep Probeen Porisheba

KOLKATA, INDIA  Shirsha Guha, Chief Operating Officer of Saint James School of Medicine and Director of Deep Probeen Porisheba (DPP) has been featured as an ‘agent of change’ in the Simply Kolkata supplement of “India Today” magazine. Along with five other changemakers, Guha received this commendable title for her devotion to providing professional care and comfort to the elderly.

The recent publishing of this article comes a few months after the launch of in home health care for the elderly throughout all of Kolkata and the interactive discussion entitled ‘Care of Elderly Charity or Necessity.’ Its goal was to shed light on the problems faced by India’s elderly whose children either live abroad or have become too busy with their professional lives to pay attention to their aging parent’s healthcare.

"Having an army of caregivers in the form of ayahs, nurses, drivers and maidservants isn't enough," says Guha in the story. "What [these elderly people] need is an equal companion.”

What started as a visit to an old relative quickly became an awe-inspiring vision for the future of elderly care for the 39-year-old Guha. DPP has reached a total of 70 members currently working to provide traditional care and innovative solutions to common problems for the elderly.

Other changemakers include Principal Manabi Bandyopadhay of Krishnanagar Women’s College; President Dr. Mukti Gupta of the Mukti Group; Tumpa Adhikary, a 27-year-old community worker; gay rights activist Dr. Tirthankar Guha Thakurta; and Sharkat Alam, Joint Secretary of Tijala SHED.

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About Deep Probeen Porisheba Deep Probeen Porisheba is a service rooted in core Indian values of respecting and caring for elders. DPP is provided by Saint James-HRDS India (P) Ltd. It is a subsidiary of HRDS, USA (established in 1999) and operates three medical schools in the Caribbean. The team provides emergency care, travel assistance, post-operative and rehabilitative care, and physiotherapy. In addition, DPP offers regular, in-home visits by staff physicians and top Geriatric specialists.

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About Saint James School of Medicine Saint James School of Medicine is an accredited medical school with schools on the Caribbean islands of Bonaire, Anguilla and St. Vincent. The goal of the Saint James School of Medicine is to offer students from the U.S. and Canada a high quality, affordable medical education that prepares students for the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE). Graduates are eligible to practice as physicians in both the U.S. and Canada. Saint James students study the Basic Sciences at one of the island campuses and then move on to the Clinical Sciences through a clinical rotation program at affiliated hospitals in the U.S.

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