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Advantages of 3D Printing in the Medical Field

August 12, 2015
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Trends and technologies in 3D printing are dramatically changing medical practices. The medical field is not far from a complete printing revolution and creating equipment, biomaterials, and drugs with a few different printing techniques will soon become ordinary methods of production. In the past year, these 3D printers have been made readily available in some of the largest stores across the United States. Even more, labs like the Not Impossible lab based in California are changing the business and financial side of medicine by using this technology to print cheap prosthetics for patients in need. However, creating inexpensive prosthetics is not the only way we are advancing with this technology. We now have the capabilities to print specific parts of the human anatomy. From skin and cartilage to bones and other organs, doctors can design individual forms that meet any patients medical needs. These organs and vessels can also be used for drug testing and may keep animals away from the risks of harmful treatments. Finally, these successes have brought a new platform for the pharmaceutical industry. If printing human parts is possible, could it be possible to print drugs and other medicines? The Medical Futurist examines if the future of pharmaceuticals involves printing your prescriptions right at your local drug store. Check out the video below, and gain an insight into this new wave of medical technology.
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