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TedTalk Highlight: Stress as a Tool for Success

August 27, 2015
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Stress is a natural part of everyday life, and such remains true in school and one's career beyond. The way one responds to a challenge is one common type of stress. Responding to that challenge happens on both the psychological and physiological levels, the latter of which directly affecting physical well-being. When faced with this kind of situation or some other threat, your body activates resources to shield you -- to either retreat as fast as you can, or fight the stressor. The Saint James School of Medicine goes to great lengths to help its medical students effectively manage the natural stress that occurs with schooling. Our faculty and staff serve as trusted advisors to the future doctors, and a number of student groups are great for relaxing, bonding with peers and breaking up the workload throughout the semester. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal posits that stress can actually be your friend; you just have to know how to wield it and use it to your advantage. Stress has been shown, in the right amounts, to help increase one's effectiveness, efficiency, focus, creativity and determination. Consciously recognizing the stressor and the environment is the first step. The rest is detailed in the highly engaging TedTalk below! [embed][/embed]
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