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Career Spotlight: U.S. Air Force Physician

September 03, 2015
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Medical school graduates have a number of opportunities that are presented after a thorough training in residency and numerous clinical hours. From practicing medicine and public health to health administration and medical writing, medical students are faced with important decisions that will affect their professional lives upon graduation. Handfuls of medical students across the nation will choose to become doctors that serve in the United States Armed Forces. These doctors avoid long nights of paperwork and job hunting for private practice and are instantly able to focus on solving medical problems. With a team of highly trained medical professionals, they are able to treat patients in some of the best facilities across the globe and can even earn Air Force Scholarships. Furthermore, they join a team of elite leaders who serve for the greater purpose and can receive combat training and gain other military skills. Major Brian Neese, a U.S. Air Force physician is the son of a pilot who longed for a lifestyle of camaraderie and teamwork. He signed up to serve during his residency and upon completion became a staff family physician and flight commander. He had two deployments including a humanitarian mission in the Dominican Republic, and he was able to use the wealth of resources that the Air Force provides to kick start his career. Learn more about this career path from Major Neese, and check out some of the ways you can use your medical school education below!
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