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The Rise of Medical Innovation in 2015

September 21, 2015
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With technology on the rise, medicine can't help but become more innovational too. Dr. Agus, one of the world's leading biomedical researchers and cancer doctors, discusses all of the new breakthroughs that have been set to take place this year. It all starts with new evidence that there is a possibility to reverse the aging process. Agus said that this finding is a takeoff from the 1950s where researchers took blood from a young mouse and gave that blood to an old mouse. In turn, this created a rejuvenation process that turned on stem cells that had been idle. This blood transfer ended in the result of improved cognition and organ health. "The ability to reverse aging is lying within each of us," said Agus. This year has been filled with trials to see if it works and if it's safe. The next medical advancement coming from Dr. Agus is a better blood test. Blood tests have been inefficient with large needle shots and waiting days to hear back from a doctor. Now, a blood test will be in the form of a simple, painless prick of the finger and results in hours rather than days. Dr. Agus also touches on advances in cholesterol, mobile medicine and much more. In order to learn more about the medical innovations this year, check out the video below!
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