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Medical Insight: Finding a Technological Balance

September 14, 2015
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Technology is creating numerous innovations in the medical field, and doctors have access to new tools that help diagnose and treat illnesses. While practitioners, doctors and engineers have paved the way to new invention and increasingly relevant medical advancements, it's important to remember what medical practitioners may be forgetting... a doctor's touch. Through the developments of the past, have doctors and physicians shortcut the physical exam to make way for new technology? Have they overlooked simple diagnoses and lost a ritual that is transformative? While it is no question that recent technology has improved our research and provided a wealth of data that was once unattainable, it is now more important than ever to remember the basics of establishing a strong doctor-patient relationship. Physician and Writer Abraham Verghese describes the new medical field as patients who are considered merely data points. In the video below, he calls for a return to the traditional one-on-one physical exam. Learn more about his position and understand the importance of these personal relationships in the medical field!
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