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Mobile Technology: Transforming the Medical Field

September 09, 2015
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Apple is changing the way we look at medical research. With the creation of an app for iOS devices, ResearchKit has revolutionized health and wellness. In the past, there was always the issue of trying to understand what is actually going on with a diseased patient and how to reach that person. The only main way of conducting research was posting a flyer with the hope that someone would tear off the phone number to sign up. This has grown problematic as people are increasingly difficult to reach. Fortunately, with the creation of ResearchKit, researchers are able to engage with people in ways that have never been done before. Analysts are also able to reach people in areas that would have otherwise never been exposed to this treatment before.
The key to understanding health and disease is research and data. What all researchers want is measured, quantitative, objective data." - Michael McConnell, MD, Stanford University Medical Center
ResearchKit puts the patient at the very center of the research. It gives people the tools they need in order to live their best, healthiest life. Watch the video below to learn more this revolutionary mobile technology and the future of clinical studies!
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