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The Untraditional Way Med Students Are Learning Anatomy

September 03, 2015
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In medical school, cadavers have always been the standard in teaching human anatomy. However, after in-depth research, founder and CEO of Anatomage, Inc., Jack Choi learned that most universities did not have the proper resources to correctly teach human anatomy and dissection. This is where the creation of the visual dissection table came in to play. Choi partnered up with Stanford University's Dr. Brown to create an optimized, revolutionary table. This high-tech device allows students to experience dissection without the use of an actual human cadaver. By using his finger as a scalpel on the life-sized body display, Choi is able to demonstrate x-rays, dissections, and more. With his refreshing mix of humor and knowledge, Choi manages to truly capture the viewers attention. Click on the video below to learn more about the virtual technology that is making huge strides in today's education! [embed][/embed]
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