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Not Your Usual Cancer Treatment

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What happens when you share your cancer scans with the world? A positive, diverse community that supports you makes itself known. That's exactly what happened to open-source engineer and artist, Salvatore Iaconesi. When Iaconesi found out he had brain cancer, his whole life changed, from the conversations he had with others to the new way that he viewed the world. In order to deal with the brain cancer and not be passive during his treatment, he reached out to the global internet community in hopes to find a cure. Whether the "cure" was medical advice, positive messages, art, music or support, Iaconesi was overwhelmed by the amount of love he received. Iaconesi ended up undergoing a risky surgery in order to remove the brain cancer and came out of it cancer free. This inspiring story shows how treatment and healing is so much more than prescriptions or medical research. Often times, in order to stay positive and recover, what we really need is support. Iaconesi is an inspirational example of how important it is to focus on love and friendship, no matter what we are going through. Check out the TEDTalk below to learn more about Salvatore Iaconesi's amazing story.
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