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Can We Create New Senses for Humans?

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In this TEDTalk, neuroscientist David Eagleman talks about how the human experience of reality is constrained by biology. He wants to change that by allowing humans to have the ability to take in previously unseen information with new senses. The things humans see are less than a ten trillionth of what is out there! Waves such as radio waves, gamma waves, text messages and more are constantly passing through the human body, even though humans are completely blind to it. Animals and machines each pick up on different senses but every creature is unaware to those things because they do not come with the equipped proper senses to know they are missing anything. As humans, our senses limit our reality. Our brains are sampling just a small portion of the world. Eagleman asks, "As humans, we are firmly settled in our perception of reality but the question is, do we have to be stuck there?" He is interested in how technology can change the experience of being human, through the use of a sensory vest. To see how the sensory vest works and to learn more about the way our brain translates senses, watch the video below!
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