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Flashback Friday: MCSA at Bonaire

November 06, 2015
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It's been six months since the Bonaire Multicultural Student Association (MCSA) organized a Dushi Tour ("dushi" means 'sweet' in the local language). The MCSA is focused on exploring and experiencing different cultures and backgrounds of not only SJSM students but of Bonaire locals as well. The tour, which took place on June 27th, allowed SJSM Bonaire students who were involved in the organization to journey throughout the island. The tour not only enriched the students minds but got them more acquainted with the island as well. IMG_0093 Gino, the Bonaire campus bus driver, drove the tour through multiple historical landmarks along with stopping to look at the breathtaking sights. Some of the sights seen throughout the Dushi Tour were the Salt Flats, the Lighthouse, the Rincon, the Sorobon, the historical Slave Huts, the 1000 Steps, Gotomeer Lake, and Seru Largu, where you can see the island of Klein Bonaire and the capital city of Kralendijk. The event was a hit as the whole group enjoyed the beautiful and historical landmarks. On-campus activities are an enriching and valuable part of an academic career. This is just one example of how rewarding getting involved on campus can be!
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