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Day in the Life Series: Parasitologist

December 08, 2015
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Parasitology and virology go hand-in-hand for 2011 MacArthur Fellow Elodie Ghedin from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The MacArthur Foundation supports Elodie in her trailblazing research into the relationship between parasites and their hosts, and how they have evolved into the 21st century, developing specific resistances to modern medicine. For someone who is interested in parasitology, it is critical to understand the environments in which they multiply and thrive, especially in the tropical and more humid climates in which they are most prevalent. Dr. Ghedin's work takes a closer look at the genomes of those parasites and viruses that bear the most profound threats to the livelihood of hominidae family, the findings helping spurn the discovery of new vaccines and other combative medicines. At the Saint James School of Medicine, our MD3 and MD4 pathology courses, as well as microbiology in Semester 3 provides exemplary preparation for those who wish to enter the Parasitology discipline. Our medical school is composed of an international faculty that boasts extensive experience in these fields, allowing our students to engage in this life-saving research and treatment development at the microscopic level. To learn more about what happens in the day of the life of parasitologist Elodie Ghedin, check out the MacArthur Foundation recap below! [embed][/embed]
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