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The Decision to Become a Medical Student

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There are many personal experiences and scenarios that may presage a student setting course for a career in medicine. Whether it is being inspired by great pioneers such as Florence Nightingale and Alois Alzheimer or dealing with a condition or ailment first-hand, the doctors of today remain exceptionally committed to their discipline and specialties. That same excitement and zeal energizes both the Anguilla and St. Vincent and the Grenadines campuses of the Saint James School of Medicine, and in the brief documentary as seen below, these motivations help determine the path that a medical student ultimately takes. Five students from the University of Michigan share their stories and explain their unique passion for medicine. It is a very useful resource for those still considering medical school or a certain specialty. At both their university and especially at the Saint James School of Medicine, there are several opportunities to join like-minded student organizations to further explore one's interests all while earning their medical degree. Hear the students' stories below, and if you're considering making the next big jump to a successful and sustainable medical profession, contact SJSM at or by phone at 800-542-1553. [embed][/embed]
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