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Diabetes Awareness Day with SJSM-ASMA Chapter

January 04, 2016
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The SJSM-AMSA chapter in collaboration with the Diabetic Association of SVG jointly organized a free health service and diabetic awareness drive for the residents of downtown Kingstown on Saturday, November 7th. A large number of people took part in the diabetes screening. Students of SJSM screened the students for diabetes by checking blood sugar with glucometers. The results were noted on registers by organizers from a local church. Those with high blood sugar were educated about associated risks, and were advised to go to the Health Clinic for a follow-up. Men, women, and even teens were eager to know and learn about diabetes and why this is so rampant among the islanders. They listened to the students' suggestions for healthy diets and exercise, and were happy to receive the educational pamphlets on lifestyle modifications for a healthier quality of life. Some even asked us when we would be back "for more check-ups!"
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