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Winter Highlights from St. Vincent's Doctors of Tomorrow Club

January 11, 2016
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St. Vincent Doctors of Tomorrow Club Fall 2015* Fall 2015 E-Board pictured above: Public Affairs Officer Melissa Lindsay (MD4); Vice President Sumaiya Sykes (MD4); President Larissa Jean (MD4); Secretary Aabha Shakya; Treasurer Peter Ng (MD4)

Our Mission

  • Prepare today's students to be tomorrow's doctors and leaders.
  • Provide students the opportunity to build leadership through medical and community stewardship.
  • Provide tomorrow’s doctors the best possible environment to create and build connections within the community through community service.

Semester Activities

Blood Pressure Clinic St. Vincent Saint James Blood Pressure Clinic DOT held a blood pressure clinic teaching the basics of blood pressure readings on a patient. It was quite an informative session, followed by a practical session where students got the ability to practice, mentored by upper classmates and faculty. Electrocardiogram EKG 101 Workshop Saint James Medical School SVG Electrocardiogram Workshop DOT held an EKG clinic in collaboration with AMSA about learning all aspects of the electrocardiogram (12-lead). The session was conducted by MD4 Bradley Starkey. Doctors of Tomorrow Spirit Week Saint James Medical School Spirit Week Students participate in different themes and show their school spirit! Those who show the most win gift certificates. This semester’s themes included: St. Vincent Flag Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Twin Day, Professional Day and Cultural Day. Doctor Jain Clinical Empathy Seminar Saint James Medical School Seminar: Clinical Empathy with Dr. Jain In this intimate and highly beneficial seminar, students got to learn about how to break bad news to a patient, learning how to do it in an empathetic approach. This is a valuable professional skill as it will be very important for the USMLE Step 2 CS.

Welcome Spring 2016 E-Board!

Saint James School of Medicine St. Vincent E-BoardFrom left to right: Vice President Simran Gill (MD2) President Krystel Elliott-Theberge (MD2) Treasurer James Renteria (MD2) Secretary Allison Foor (MD2)
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