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Nontraditional Med Student Benefits

February 01, 2016
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There is no doubt that getting into medical school is stressful. Especially with the immense amount of pressure placed on undergraduate students who are trying to complete their pre-med curriculum. Most pre-med students believe that in order to get into med school, they need to have a 4.0, be involved in a boat load of on-campus activities and follow their advisors advice to a T so that they will be enrolled in medical school immediately after graduation. While this route does work for many students, medical school acceptance is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Not to mention, many students either don't realize they want to attend medical school at such a young age or aren't ready to commit just yet. In the video below, you'll see that Student Doctor Thompson was one of those students. It wasn't until he had already been an undergrad, traveled the world, gotten married, had a baby, and been offered a full-time job that he realized his passion was to become a doctor. Student Doctor Thompson is a great example of a non-traditional med student. To learn more about the benefits of being a non-traditional student, along with his advice, check out the video below.
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