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Spending the Day with USMLE Pro Dr. Conrad Fischer

February 10, 2016
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Doctor Conrad Fischer is the country's leading USMLE lecturer. He is an award-winning medical educator, an Associate Professor of Medicine at Touro College in New York City and a public health advocate. Dr. Fischer is also the author of numerous USMLE test preparation guides and textbooks. Here at Saint James School of Medicine, we offer an Advanced Introduction to Clinical Medicine (AICM) that prepares our students for their clinical rotations. This program is taught at one of our affiliated hospitals in Chicago and consists of eight weeks of intensive preparation/review of the USMLE Step 1 exam. The USMLE Step 1 exam requires vigorous preparation and time, that's why we were so pleased when Dr. Fischer came to Chicago on Friday, February 5 to give SJSM students a series of lectures. As one of the most respected lecturers in the world, we were happy to have the MedQuest Founder and CEO help prepare our students for their USMLE. His energy and immediate connection with the students went a long way in expanding their minds and putting them on the right track toward acing the exams. Check out the images below for an up-close look at our day with Dr. Fischer! 1O7A4014 1O7A4069 1O7A4144 1O7A4222 K90A3581
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