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Saint James Expands Resources for Intensive USMLE Preparation

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SJSM is excited to announce the new and upgraded version of our already successful Advanced Introduction to Clinical Medicine (AICM) program during the fifth semester at Jackson Park Hospital. In this program, students have access to a comprehensive review combining multiple experts. This semester, we brought in several talents from Kaplan, Dr. Francis from PASS and a very special lecture by the renowned Dr. Conrad Fischer. This new and improved AICM program, now simplified a ICM, will better prepare students for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1. Due to this exciting change, we will no longer offer the PASS program as a 6th semester option. Furthermore, because of the strong relationship we have established with Dr. Francis and his PASS program, SJSM students are now eligible for a discount for enrolling in PASS. Kaplan has also extended a discount program specifically for our students. Saint James School of Medicine Exam Preparation Late in 2015, the USMLE Prep Club was formed by two advisors and seven students. To date, the USMLE Prep Club has three faculty advisors, a strong executive board, and more than 60 paid club members. The club has implemented a solid USMLE curriculum, in which faculty members who are subject matter experts in their field(s) of concentration conduct 60-minute USMLE Focused Drill Sessions twice a month. In addition, the club has established a USMLE question bank for the use of all members needing additional study aids in preparation for their USMLE. The club utilizes Facebook as another tool to display USMLE questions and suggested study materials to the student body with the intention of enhancing student awareness. Finally, the club is set and poised to form a USMLE Cloud Resource Library that would be accessible to current and past club members that have progressed on to ICM in Chicago. This would provide all members with a USMLE Curriculum Checklist Catalogue that will serve as a focused road map for all MD1’s through MD5’s as they buckle down for the USMLE.
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