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World Kidney Day

April 25, 2016
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The World Kidney Day event, jointly hosted by Saint James St. Vincent's Phi Chi-Alpha Tau chapter and the local Kidney Dialysis Fund, was a huge success. Members Jennaire Lewars, Chloe Waters, Sharjeel Qureshi, Cristy Miles, Fayyaz Ahmed and Lisa Babiak were present as the lead volunteers for the event. The team performed health screenings including blood pressure and blood sugar testing for more than 160 patients, one of which was an influential political figure. Alongside a prominent nephrologist in the medical community of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the team of Phi Chi medical students promoted awareness of kidney health and prevention of renal pathologies. The event had significant media coverage and was featured on the Ministry of Health website as well as the local evening news with some members being interviewed. Phi Chi has started off their first semester on campus with a boom! Visit their new web portal here.
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